EQ Skills Transform Organizational Climate, Organizational Climate Drives Performance & Results

Do you want to manage stress?

Do you want to become more assertive?

Do you want to understand other people better?

Do you want to be a more adaptive and inspiring leader?

These are just some of the concerns that developing our emotional intelligence will address.

A high intelligence quotient (IQ) may not be enough to succeed.  Psychologists said that Emotional Intelligence (popularly known as EQ) has a huge impact on our professional success.

EQ is the biggest predictor of job performance. This is because EQ is the foundation of all critical skills including empathy, anger management, assertiveness, flexibility, accountability, communication, presentation skills, and stress tolerance.  Over 90% of people doing well at work have a high EQ.

The Leadership – Raising Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Resiliency Program

Today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (V.U.C.A.) world is impacting all industries and has placed significant pressure on both management and employees. People at all levels are worried about not living up to their expectations, being burdened by different demands, changes and challenges within and outside of their organizations.

To sustain an organization’s growth and success in 21st Century, developing employees’ Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been more important than ever. EQ is about identifying and integrating feeling and thinking to generate effective actions. While traditionally many people were taught to “leave their emotions at the door,” numerous scientific researches have shown that emotions are essential to effective communication, decision-making, collaboration, innovation and change management. Leaders especially should cultivate their resiliency in order they can effectively handle stressful demands, overcome setbacks and accomplish aggressive organizational goals.

Program Structure

A total of 4 sessions (90 mins per session) finish within two months.

Session 1

  • Identify how today’s V.U.C.A. world is impacting your professional/ leadership role
  • From a neuroscience perspective, understand how stress and negative emotions impact work performance, interpersonal relationships and ability to innovate
  • Understand definition of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) according to Six Seconds* EQ Model
  • Learn how to interpret your Six Seconds* “EQ Leadership” profile**

* Six Seconds is the largest international non-profit organization dedicated to growing EQ at workplace, home and schools around the world.

** Client will complete an online assessment and receive an individual “EQ Leadership” profile which gives a detail analysis of his/ her EQ competencies and growth areas

Session 2

  • Recognize the key scientific principle to deal with stress and setbacks: Eliminating the 3-P’s toxic mindset
  • Understand the importance of leveraging your intrinsic motivation
  • Learn key skills to cultivate and sustain positive work relationships
  • Learn practical ways to enhance stress tolerance and personal well-being

Session 3

  • Based on the latest neuroscience research, understand the function of three “brains” (Head, Heart, and Gut) and key implications to your professional/ leadership role
  • Based on the “3-Brains” framework, identify and resolve a major workplace/ personal issue as chosen by you as a client

Session 4

  • Reflect and evaluate what ongoing limiting beliefs are preventing you from achieving greater work and life success
  • Identify and reframe a major limiting belief as chosen by you, with the aim of achieving greater work performance or life satisfaction  
  • Conclusion and next steps: Integrate key lessons learned from your coaching journey and formulate plan in moving forward

Our Coach – Mr. Kenneth Cheung

Take a few mins to know more about Kenneth:

Kenneth is a passionate and empathetic coach. He is an expert in building high-EQ, collaborative, and coaching-style leaders. He strives to support his clients to foster a culture of high trust, collaboration, and resilience at both team and organizational levels and achieve outstanding results.

Over the past 9 years, Kenneth has provided leadership development services for different clients in Hong Kong, China, and SE Asia, covering topics on Emotional Intelligence, coaching-style leadership, multi-generational collaboration, design thinking, workplace communications, change management and career development.

As an ICF Certified Coach since 2016, Kenneth has provided coaching to over 350 senior executives, leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Program Fee


Transformational coaching empowers you to rethink what is possible for you professionally. Kenneth, our Transformational Coach, can help you rewrite the parameters of what a professional life could look like in the context of your whole life.  

Please let us know if you, your family, and/or your friends have interested in this program. We can arrange a tailor-made program if you have any requirements and we can discuss them furtherly.

Please let us know if you have any queries and do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp at +852 9238 1995 for your convenience.