If You Can’t Stand All the Things Today, You Probably Need a Transitional Coach

As we approach the end of one phase of life, many of us experience a barrage of feelings. On the one hand, transitions are exciting and new; on the other, they can be scary and intimidating. This can be especially true when we are completing a career that has spanned decades of our lives.

Have you ever wondered about the following in the past:

Who am I now?

What values are important to me?

What motivates me?

How can I move from where I am to a new phase in life?

What do I want?

What are my skills, passions, interests, and dreams?

The key to transitional coaching is to answer your above questions and to ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to transit from the care of the coach to self-leadership.

Developing your Diversity Plan – Executive Transitional Coaching Program

Program Objectives

Transitional coaching is an effective way of ensuring that you do not lose momentum over the course of the transition or change. People who are strong and independent enough to lead the recovery process on their own with coaching assistance end up doing much better than those who are not.

For business executives who are transitioning to senior leadership roles the challenges to be faced are enormous and neglecting their effects can place both the subject and the company in serious difficulty.

Transitional Coaching is helpful by allowing you to:

  • develop new thinking and behavioral patterns
  • develop advanced interpersonal and social skills
  • switch from an operational to a strategic way of thinking and working
  • overcome fear, anxiety, and insecurity
  • preserve their sense of identity in the growth phase
  • overcome the sense of vulnerability concerning the new dynamic in which they are operating
  • get buy-in from the new team
  • persevere in completing their tasks, without worrying about failure

Leaders are typically ambitious, intelligent, energetic, and restless, which implies that the coach must have the skills to deal with a wide range of behaviors and attitudes, which, if not managed, lead to the sure failure of coaching.

We believe that transitional coaching should be considered as a specialized discipline, especially since it is often an activity that runs parallel to that of the internal mentors, who must be involved as stakeholders of the coachee. Finding the correct balance and knowing the mutual limits of action requires great preparation and deep knowledge of company dynamics.

Program Structure

A total of 10 sessions (60 mins per session) finish within 12 months.

Our Coach – Mr. Eric Sampson

Take a few mins to know more about Eric:

As a Coach and Corporate Training Consultant since 2008, Eric coaches and mentors clients to enhance their effectiveness in life and at work, develop their executive presence and leadership skills and define and achieve their longer-term goals. He regularly works with senior executives up to C-suite level, individual and group, both in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific.

His philosophy is respect and empathy for people, and their needs are core to his client-centered approach. Deeply understanding clients, being flexible and sensitive while offering a fresh perspective, gives them a safe platform to grow, and develop the skills to progress and succeed.

Program Fee


Please let us know if you, your family, and your friends have interested in this program, we can also arrange a tailor-made program if you have any requirements and we can discuss them furtherly.

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