Relationship Coaching

You already did the first step to a healthy and successful relationship!

Why? See these research findings on relationship:

An unhappy marriage is harmful to health*:

  • lower levels of self-esteem
  • lower levels of overall health
  • lesser happiness
  • life dissatisfaction
  • elevated levels of psychological distress

*Source: Penn State News

Negative consequences of Separation/Divorce for Children#

  • academic difficulties (e.g. lower grades and prematurely dropping out of school)
  • disruptive behaviors (e.g. getting into fights, stealing, abusing alcohol and illegal drugs)
  • higher rates of depressed mood
  • lower self-esteem
  • emotional distress

#Source: Indiana University, USA

If you are stuck with an unhappy marriage or love relationship, you should not miss our 30 minutes FREE coaching session.

After this 30 minutes, you will:

  • learn how to read people right
  • rationalize your messy thoughts
  • learn how to save a relationship
  • learn how to deal with difficult situations
  • have better communication with your counterpart


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“Many people allow their relationship to worsen is just because they don’t want to kill the monster when it was small. ”

—  David Yeh Junior

(Registered Relationship Coach)