Blind Spots Are Our Blessing If We Know How To Make Use Of Them

Where there is sunlight, there is shadow.

It is our survival practice to get close to the light and refuse to the darkness.

When we understand things in the world, we should explore and discover from multiple angles and aspects.

Darkness itself contains a lot of information that we can use as a reference and reminder, such as our frustrating experience, competitors, enemies, abandoned beliefs, and values.

Yes, we know that they are our fears, pains, and scars.

Over the years, we try hard to escape from our fears, pains, scars and they block the way we see the world, and they gradually become our blind spots.

We are living an incomplete life because we unconsciously ignore other sides of our cognition.

Think about it, is it an ideal way to be that? What is the impact on us?

In order to make you better understand the strengths of our shadows and blind spots, Destiny created a special MICRO-FILM about a story of the second-generation successor of a Hong Kong family business.

It tells us that If we use some thinking techniques to break through our shadows and blind spots, we can be able to overcome negative circumstances and reach a win-win situation.

We wish the story will enlighten you with some new insights.

Click HERE to watch it.

The Destiny Team

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