5 Easy and Quick ways from Yale University to make our life goes with well-being!

Recently our Destiny team took a course, namely, the Science of Well-being organized by the Yale University.

This course was taught by Professor Laurie Santos and was opened to the worldwide public during the pandemic period since the month of March.

It also based on scientific findings which helps us to incorporate specific wellness activities into our life.

We found that the mindsets and skillsets that were taught in the course are so practical and believed that they are beneficial to our community members.

And this is the reason we are writing this blog and wish you will get something from it.

5 Aspects to improve our well-being

1. Kindness

Kindness means a simple act of doing something nice to others.  After we do this, we will come with a lot of positive benefits:

  • Increase our mood
  • Increase our feeling on social connection

How to practice kindness?

We just simply need to do some nice stuff for people.  Try to act kindly to others once per day like giving a seat to someone in need in public transportation, doing volunteer work in the community, giving colleagues or friends a compliment, and the like.

To make it bigger, try to extend the act of kindness to anywhere and anybody.  No matter it is a small peanut thing, just do it.

You may enjoy a feeling of content and love after you do every act of kindness.

2. Social Connection

Social connection is the experience of feeling close and connected to others.

Why do we have to be socially connected?  It is simply because it can make us feel happier.

How to do that?

First of all, try to make a new social connection by reaching out to a stranger.  We can do it in a coffee shop or on a train.

This activity can significantly increase our positive mood throughout the day.

Secondly, try to start a conversation with our friend or someone we have not seen for a while.

Do the above and make it our daily habit, we will be much happier than we expect.

3. Time Affluence

There are quite a lot of things that can make us feel happy, not only wealth or assets.

Time affluence is to make us realize that what we want to do with our time is not doing all the stuff we need to do to earn money. 

We can just have fun and interact with others. 

We can also feel open to doing lots of things and we will naturally sort of fill it with social connections. 

How to do that?

Build an urgent/non-urgent and important/non-important matrix, follow the combination and act on it.

You can also create a Rapid Planning Methods to list out our goals and actions plan.

4. Mind Control

It means to control our mind and to stop it from being all over the place, all of the time. 

Do you notice that we are used to wandering around every moment?  

Neuroscientists found that there are around 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts that come out from our minds every day.

In this way, we will accumulate many undone decisions and things.

It is time to get back the control of thinking what and not thinking what.

How to practice?

We introduce a 9 mins morning priming to help us to master our mind from being wandering or overthinking:

  • First 3 mins: think about what we could be grateful and what we will be excited today
  • Second 3 mins: think to send out our love to the people around (family, company, community, etc.) today
  • Last 3 mins: think about what are the 3 most important things to do today

After doing the priming, you will feel you can control your mind all through the day.

5. Healthy Practices

We all know healthy practices help us to get a healthy body and mind.

The sad thing is we know that but we seldom do that regularly.

No matter you want to start from today, tomorrow, the coming weekend, or next week, please do remember to follow the below routine:

  • Exercise 3 times for a 30 mins a week
  • Good sleep for about 7 hours every nigh

It is simply EASY and SIMPLE!

Exercise can boost not just our mental health well-being but also our brain function and cognitive function with it. 

While the loss of sleep makes us hungrier and likely to eat more later, more likely to have an accident during the day, a growing down the immune system, losing brain tissue causing memory problems, and so forth.

We hope you will find this piece of blog useful in bringing you some insights to improve your well-being.

The Destiny Team