3 Recovery Experiences From the Covid-19 that Blows Our Mind

The past year was challenging to most of us, more so to those that got infected with the Coronavirus. Some were lucky enough to recover from Covid-19 and they mostly had harrowing stories to tell about their experience with the disease.

For most who got infected, the moments of isolation led them to reevaluate their lives. The experience they went through taught them some lessons they hope to carry on the rest of their lives. Most importantly, they are looking at life as a new beginning and a second chance at life.

Here are some recovery stories and some of the lessons the patients learned from the illness.

Dr. Daniel Wu: I will be a better doctor

Dr. Daniel Wu, a trauma surgeon, contracted Covid-19 around mid-March when Covid-19 was still new to many. Roles were reversed when his colleagues started making decisions for him such as placing him in ICU and put him on a ventilator. This decision made him realize that his odds of survival were dwindling. Though he has fully recovered from Covid-19 after 12 days in the hospital and weeks of self-isolation. His experience with the disease led him to lose 15 pounds and lose his memory of about 3 days of that period.

Dr. Wu states that the most important lesson learned during this experience was seeing things from the perspective of the patient. He learned how scared, isolated, anxious, and helpless patients can feel. This changed his mindset and made him realize how he can become a better doctor by viewing things from a patient’s perspective. He gained a new understanding of the patients’ experience and will help put patients’ experience in mind when performing his duties as a doctor.

The change of mindset the doctor experienced is one that will influence the rest of his career and the decisions he will make. Before making a professional decision regarding his patients, he will put into consideration the feelings, comfort, and concerns of the patients and probably influence others in his field to do so.

Roy Cohen: I will place more value on the things that matter

Roy Cohen, an author, recovered from Covid-19 and came back with a whole new resolve. A new chance at life made him develop a sense of purpose and a plan. As a career coaching expert, he resolved to reach a wider audience and help more people find jobs. He made a resolve to volunteer in his community and become more helpful to those around him.

Recovering from such a near-death experience does give some people such as Cohen an appreciation of life. It also makes them recognize the things that matter in life. Cohen’s mindset was transformed such that he gave up his nice, expensive, office space and started to use his savings for donations to pet shelters, disaster relief, the museum, and a variety of organizations in need.

When lying on a deathbed, one realizes that material possessions matter the least and there is much more to life than what you own. As a result, the patient’s mindset changed from chasing material possessions to helping others in need because the experience made him realize how much there were many others out there in such dire need. This kind of mindset change will help these individuals make more impactful decisions in the future not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of others as well.

Yvette Paz: The need for more humanity and empathy

The stigma, loneliness, anxiety, and the stresses that came from Covid-19 illness taught some to be more empathetic. This was one experience for Yvette Paz who after posting a Facebook from the hospital, received all imaginable kinds of responses.

The negative responses and hate from some viewers made her wish the world was more human and developed a lot of humanity herself. Upon recovery, she started giving back to the community by donating blood plasma and participating in food drives. She learned to empathize more with others and care for others. Her experience changed her heart and her mind. She learned to be more compassionate as you don’t know what others are going through.

The recovery experience has taught many to stop living in fear but confront life anew. When you have been constantly cautious and taking things for granted, Covid-19 has taught us that the little things can be taken from you in a snap.

The Destiny Team