Believe It or Not?   We can Use Hats to Think, Innovate and Make Decisions!

Hats are a very common daily accessory.  Do you know their uses?


Hats provide protection against harmful sun rays. They can help us to conceal a terrible haircut or to hide our face to avoid being noticed by someone.

Standing out from a group

With a hat on our heads, we will stand out from a group of people. This can work well for us if we love standing out when in a big crowd. We will get lots of attention and even make lasting friendships from being unique.

Shape and frame our face

Wearing a hat will help to make our unwanted features less noticeable. We can also highlight the shape of our face depending on the hat that we choose.

Highlights any outfit

When we add a beautiful hat to our dressing, we will look more attractive as it will enhance our appearance too.

Boosts confidence

When we wear hats that are less common, say fedoras and wide-brimmed hats. Since people are not used to these looks, it will make us appear confident and brave in our style when we put on a hat.


Indeed, we can also use hats to think, create, innovate and make decisions.

The “Six Thinking Hats” is a method of investigating an issue from a variety of perspectives but in a clear, conflict-free way.

They can be used by individuals or groups to move outside habitual ways of thinking, try out different approaches, and then think constructively about how to move forward.

We have made some applications of using this method for your reference.  Please click HERE to take a look.

This technique gets us to look at a problem in six different ways.  It takes us and our team beyond any instinctive positions.

If you have an interest in exploring the uses and benefits of the Six Thinking Hats method, we invite you to join our latest Business Reborn Program.

The program is designed for company owners, business leaders, and top management teams for them to act proactively during the economic winter season and to prepare to thrive in the spring.

We will use the Six Thinking Hats as a medium to facilitate your learning process.  The end result will be abundant, fruitful, and rewarding.

The Destiny Team