Meta Programs: the Secret of Thinking, Behavioral and Emotional Patterns

Meta Programs are our habitual thinking patterns and they determine our preference analysis unconsciously.

Unless we are specially trained, we have no idea how we think, act, and get to our results.

Meta Programs exist everywhere in our daily lives and have a huge influence on our family, among friends, relationships, workplaces, and so forth.

Let’s give an example of it in our workplace:

A CEO requests his frontline staff to put company’s vision statement “Our vision is to create a wonderful everyday life for all the people on earth” in mind and asks them to work for it.

His frontline staff has no idea how to put it in practice as the vision is too big and vague for them to incorporate into their daily works.

The CEO is angry about their incompetence and the frontline staff feel fuzzy and overwhelmed.

The relationship between the two parties is very discordant, affecting their performance and leading to a decline in business.

As a matter of fact, the frontline line staff are typical executors and are good at building and focusing on precise procedures.

In the Meta Program, we called it SPECIFICITY.   On the contrary, the CEO has a big picture minded and what he focuses on is concepts and they are good at abstract thinking.  In Meta Programs, we called it GENERALITY.

Are they all wrong?

No, it’s just that they each hold their own thinking mode and don’t understand each other’s usual thinking mode.

If the CEO understands that his subordinates need clear guidance instead of general requirements, and the subordinates can seek clearer guidance from the CEO, everyone will not be at a stalemate.

Meta Programs have an influential impact on our daily lives.  It helps us to:

  • to persuade our ideas to others
  • understand others better
  • along well with all the people around us

Since it is so influential, Destiny is going to launch our ace program, the META PROGRAM MASTERY!

In this program, participants will be able to understand human thinking patterns so that you can improve your life, acting positively for your team members, family, relationships, and all the people you get along with.  You will also be able to expand your comfort zone by excelling yourself, taking new challenges, and transforming your life journey!

We will cover 10 META PROGRAMS::

  1. Generality or Specificity
  2. Toward or Away
  3. Internal or External
  4. Possibility or Necessity
  5. Matcher or Mismatcher
  6. Self, Others or Details
  7. Completion or Process
  8. Convincer or Strategy
  9. Past, Present or Future
  10. Cost or Convenience

Everyone needs to learn their own Meta Programs for a better life.

Knowing our habitual thinking patterns helps us to break through our blind spots!


The class is an in-house training program*.

It is flexible as it can be either a 5 hours half-day class or 2.5 hours in 2 mornings or afternoons, solely depends on your need.

We will conduct the program by:

  1. Explaining all the 10 Meta Programs in detail.
  2. Using examples in daily life to illustrate 10 different Meta Programs.
  3. Deploying companies’ case studies or create a simulation for a full understanding of Meta Programs.
  4. Creating a more objective reasoning decision-making system or protocol so team members can agree and disagree with better harmony
  5. Resolving conflicts and aligning corporate culture, mission, vision, and company core values.

The tuition fee varies according to the no. of participants:

  • 1 to 5 persons: HK$60,000
  • 6-10 persons: HK$90,000 
  • 11-20 persons: HK$120,000 
  • 21 persons and over: negotiable

Other payment methods please click HERE

This is a tailor-made and limited offer.

Please call us at 852-22953868, write to to secure this competitive offer now!

*There will be a chance to change to a Zoom class according to the development of the epidemic.