Break Through The Bottleneck – ALL WE CAN COACH program

The world is being in a bottleneck.

So are we.

We are used to saying that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

However, the future has already happened.

It comes along with nonstop uncertainties and changes, from disruptive new technologies to breakout businesses, and turbulence abounds.

In Chinese wisdom, our future is in the form of impermanence (無常).

And it becomes the new normal for all people.

We must equip ourselves with a new format of thinking and action planning so as to accommodate this new normal era where there is a lot of impermanence ahead.

In view of this, Destiny is going to give you some ideas to surf with the 5th wave of the Covid-19:

  • Accept what we have been experiencing and make friends with our past
  • Be mindful, locate and acknowledge our uncertainties, affirm ourselves that we can overcome them
  • Think about what we are going to achieve for the next 3 months, and tell ourselves why we want to achieve them
  • Set our goals and action plans for the next 3 months, if we don’t have them now
  • Review and revise our goals and action plans for the next 3 months, if we already have them
  • Talk to people who have expertise in such area and seek for their advice and make adjustments on our goals and action plans
  • Execute and review them weekly

If for any reason you are not quite sure whether you can do the above; or if you really need someone to help to walk away from your blind spots; or to get insights on identifying your business or personal road map, you can consider our new ALL WE CAN COACH program as it can surely bring you to the destinations you want to go.


The program is launched in April 2020 and is continuously bringing organizational changes and extraordinary values to some Hong Kong businesses.  We helped entrepreneurs to identify their business identity, to build a bounding team, to set up an effective and efficient communication platform, jobs matching, and so forth.

The program lasts for a period of three months from the date of purchase.

During this period, you can take our coaching sessions at our lowest entry price HK$200,000 

There are two ALLs in this program:

First, you can be coached on all working days within this three months^.

Second, you can choose all of our coaching domains as below:

  • Corporate
  • Business
  • 領袖
  • Life
  • 關係
  • Career
  • Development (this is new!)

You can share your program with your team member, partner, fellow or friend, or anyone you like to make progress and development together.

We are proud that there are tremendous progress and positive feedback from the clients.  Some experienced a certain growth in turnover and sales.  Some noticed that growth and changes are necessary and they are heading to their goals progressively.

While keeping a social distance is necessary, we can coach you through a phone call or Zoom, making you free from virus infection.

The earlier you join the program, the quicker you can break through your bottleneck.

Again, seats are limited.

You can choose to act now, or you can wait until the offer is sold out.

Call us at 852-22953868, write to or make payment directly by clicking HERE to secure this competitive offer now!

The Destiny Team 

*^ Please read TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you opt in the purchase the program.