MINDSET MASTERY PROGRAM – Turn Your Mind From Zero To Here

Do you notice that you always give up easily, feel dissatisfied, disappointed, sad, and a broad range of negative feelings?

Not only these, at the same time, you may also have a mediocre relationship, career stagnation, unsecured retirement, and so forth?

If you do, you may have a fixed mindset.

The opposite of the fixed mindset is a growth mindset.

If you have these feelings you are a person with a growth mindset:

  • lower stress, anxiety, and depression
  • better work relationships
  • higher motivation
  • more likely to work across wider ranges of tasks
  • higher performance levels.

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, our mindset play a vital role in what we want and whether we achieve it.

Dweck found that it is our mindset that plays a critical role in our achievements and successes.

It is also found that a person with a growth mindset will have better well-being in life.

How to train our minds to a growth mindset?

Destiny is going to bring you a MINDSET MASTERY PROGRAM to enable you to make a constant and long-lasting change from a fixed to a growth mindset.

The program helps you to:

  • regain control of your train of thought
  • break your old thinking patterns
  • shift from a fixed to a growth mindset instantly

It is not how good we are, but how good we want to be that matters.


It will cover the below topics:

  • Understand whether you are in a fixed or growth mindset mode
  • Listen to your model of the world and help you to understand what prevents you from entering into a growth mindset
  • Explore with you what is a goal that you want to explore or work on
  • Using the 5 steps in the ebook MINDSET RESET written by David Yeh Junior, our Chief Empowerment Officer, to:

(a) get a clear picture of a growth goal

(b) set your priorities

(c) choose your measurement

(d) apply what you learn

(e) choose a reflection period

Program Structure:

  1. 60 minutes of immersion coaching at the beginning for understanding your model of the world
  2. Following with 8 weekly 25 minutes session on goal identification, accountability, and implementation

All sessions will be done on a one-on-one basis with Zoom.

Program Target:

Anyone who is dissatisfied with their current status in their 7 wheels of life:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • 家庭
  • 關係
  • Spiritual