Self Love and Awareness Journey Program

Program Approach

It is far from the traditional method and includes:

1. Understand the internal self:  Model of world development throughout life.

2. The practice of no “self-blaming” and blaming others:  What’s something GOOD we can blame on?

3. Suffering comes in the form of “loss, less and never”:  How do we establish more self-love through emotional flooding, priming, and other Neuro-Linguistic Programming swish techniques?

Program structure

  • 10 hours of intense coaching sessions
  • one on one session done with skype or phone
  • one coaching session (2 hours) per every two weeks (flexible and subject to your progress)

Program Tuition

Original price: HK$200,000

Single Awareness Day limited offer: HK$100,000 (50% off)

Discounted price until Feb 28, 2022

Payment Method

1)  By Visa / Master Card

2) By bank cheque or bank transfer

Please make cheque made payable to “DESTINY RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMITED” and send it to 8A, Shun Ho Tower, 24-30 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong OR please make a bank deposit to our HSBC account no. 848-688560-838 and send the deposit slip to or fax no. 2295-0998.

*Please mark your name and contact no. at the back of the cheque or on the deposit slip for our processing.

3) By Faster Payment System (FPS)

Please make your payment to our FPS ID no. 8312399.

*After payment, please send the FPS reference no. together with your name to our email for our processing.

If you need any further information, please feel free to call 852-22953868 or write to