Business Reborn Program – an Exit from the Current Economic Winter

Despite being the tenth-largest trading power and fifth-largest financial center in the world, Hong Kong is suffering an economic winter since 2020, to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A survey found that 59% of Hong Kong social enterprises think they may go bankrupt, as the fifth wave batters the economy.

The survey was released by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises. Its Chair Mr. Andy Ng said the closure of social enterprises was “not as simple as losing a business” but would be “a loss to Hong Kong” as a whole.

More small and medium-sized firms are forced to close down as they have no hope of doing business, warns Hong Kong Chamber Chair.

When God closes a door, He opens a window.

These will be opportunities behind all uncertainties and risks.

And it matters if a business owner can see through crises and think ahead of his competitors to work for the long-term benefits of his company.

In Destiny’s case, Mr. David Yeh Junior, our Founder, and Chief Empowerment Officer knew that companies would need to innovate to survive, and we launched the “Post Covid 19 Era Impact Session” in 2020. The program has been proved to be popular in the business sector and received good words of mouth.

We leveraged the need of our clients to innovate to bring in new business and grow during the economic winter 2 years ago. Some of our clients also took advantage of the opportunity to absorb assets at low prices to prepare for future economic recovery after the program.

We foresee that our economy will recover soon. It is time to make a plan and equip for the next quarter so as to achieve a business reborn.

The Business Reborn Program

The program is designed for company owners, business leaders, and top management teams for them to act proactively during the economic winter season and to prepare to thrive in the spring. We will incorporate the 6 Thinking Hats methodology, designed by Edward de Bono, in this program to explore new perspectives and uncover blind spots in our minds.

Don’t know what is 6 Thinking Hats? See HERE.

In the program, we will:

  • analyze the current conditions of the economic winter
  • explore the threats and the opportunities under the current economic winter
  • find exits and integrate collaboration
  • help to do innovation on the basis of satisfying customers’ need
  • provide marketing insights into your products and services
  • help participants develop and adopt a new set of mindset
  • avoid falling into our blind spots
  • and more…..

What do Participants Get after the Program?

  • a successful and ongoing business model in economic winter
  • an instant and innovative thinking approach to get through current difficulties
  • an improving on our 7 wheels of life including Self, Work, and Relationship aspects
  • an enlightenment of letting go and moving on

Program Structure

  • 1.5 hours
  • Conducted with Zoom
  • A maximum of 5 persons can experience the program (no extra fee)

Program Date

  • Participants can decide the best date and time

Program Fee

  • Original Price – HK$20,000
  • Enjoy an early bird rate of 5% until Jul 31, 2022HK$19,000

Program Speaker

Mr. David Yeh Junior, Master Coach, Holder of the Distinguished Salesperson Award from Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) in 2021. 

David has been working as a Sales and Coach for over 10 years. He has a great connection with the top management of listed companies and serves many company CEOs and directors.  Our clients include:

  • Liberty
  • Floship
  • Di Roma
  • Computime
  • Apollo FMG
  • Hungry Bear
  • Samator Group
  • Whiskers N Paws
  • Heyokha Brothers
  • CASH Financial Services Group Limited
  • China-HongKong Photo Products Holdings Limited

David wrote the book MINDSET RESET (click HERE to download).   It is written with the purpose to help those who are stuck and feel helpless by using coaching-style questioning skills to improve their personal ability so as to achieve a fulfilling life.

Program Language

Cantonese with some simple English.

Payment Methods

5% early bird rate applies till Jul 31, 2022

1. By Visa/Master Card

2. By bank cheque or bank transfer

Please make a cheque made payable to “DESTINY RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMITED” and send it to 8A, Shun Ho Tower, 24-30 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong OR please make a bank deposit to HSBC account no. 848-688560-838 and send the deposit slip to or fax no. 852-2295-0998.

*Please mark your name and contact no. at the back of the cheque or on the deposit slip for our processing.

Please call us at 852-22953868, and write to to secure this competitive offer now!

The Destiny Team