We know that the 21st century is a knowledge-based economic society.

The so-called knowledge-based economy uses knowledge to generate economic activities.

The biggest difference between the knowledge-based economy and the production-based economy is that the former constantly generates a large amount of information and changes, while the latter has a fixed production line and does not allow changes.

A method that works last minute may not be valid in the next second.

Don’t forget that our world is constantly changing!

The only constant is the change itself and this is one of the determinable rules of the earth.

As long as we master the rules, we can control the changes and decide our thoughts, behaviors, and results.

Based on this philosophy, Destiny has designed a series of Business and Personal Mastery Programs to enable participants to master the unchanging rules of business and personal development.

We hope that every person who wants to break through his current limitations will gradually become a leader of tomorrow.

The series of Business and Personal Mastery Programs include 4 modules:

  • Time Management Mastery (10 hours)
    – Urgent/Important Matrix
    – Latest corporate time management model
    – Rapid planning method (most effective way on time management)
    – Talent development allocation
  • Execution Mastery (10 hours)
    – 4 disciplines for effective execution
    – Measurement system with important and suitable lead measures
    – The importance of human psychology
    – Time management insights
  • Leadership Mastery (10 hours)
    – Step-up to become an outstanding leader
    – How to effectively lead your team
    – Understanding of team members through Sensory Acuity
    – 7 steps for creating lasting change
  • Communication Mastery (10 hours)
    – Learning to understand people
    – DISC profiling
    – Building Rapport
    – Meta program for understanding people model of the world

Each module is a 10 hours program and each costs HK$200,000 (HK$20,000 per hour x 10 hours)

Now we are grateful to offer you a 50% discount!

That means you can enjoy a rate of HK$100,000 for each module!


1 Module (10 hours) – 50% off

Original price: HK$200,000

Discounted price: HK$100,000

You will save: HK$100,000

2 Modules (20 hours) – 55% off

Original price: HK$400,000

Discounted price: HK$180,000

You will save: HK$220,000 

3 Modules (30 hours) – 60% off

Original price: HK$600,000

Discounted price: HK$240,000

You will save: HK$360,000 

4 Modules (40 hours) – 65% off

Original price: HK$800,000

Discounted price: HK$280,000

You will save: HK$520,000

Special offer until September 30, 2021.

Seats are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Please call us at 852-22953868 or send an email to to get this big offer!

The Destiny Team