Only Change is Constant – NEW WORLD NEW IMPACT NEW YOU

The program is designed as a subsequent to our Post-Covid 19 Era Impact Session.

As Covid is with us for almost 18 months now, it is good to review what is the impact so far for any organization.

We are indeed experiencing an epidemic challenge as the war. 

It has been showing us that there is always a dilemma of survival and death.

There is no time for us to procrastinate and we must react to changes instantly and wisely.

In this program, we will talk about the 3 most important aspects of embracing the new normal.

They are the Power of Focus, the Disciplines, and the System Requirements, and finally we are going to Empower your mindset.


The Power of Focus

In this unit, we will talk about the importance of a niche market, the aging population, and family business development.

People might be lost so they spend their time indulging in food, TV, or other negative behavior.

By having clarity on focusing on what is most important in our life, we will create a new plan for our most important matters.

The Disciplines & System Requirements

In this unit, we will examine why discipline is important in today’s world.

We will share some stories of successful athletes and performers to illustrate how disciplines matter in the new normal

We will also take a review of what is available with technological development and outsourcing tools.

Mindset Empowerment

In this unit, we will talk about some mental rituals that can empower us to start our day with energy and dynamics.

We will incorporate the RPM system, a method that can facilitate, foster, and monitor our daily schedule to reach our goals.


Business owners, leaders, managers, department heads, officer-in-charges and all who want to break the old business/operation patterns so that they can embrace the new normal and new challenges.


2 hours of in-house seminar / while keeping a social distance is necessary, it may be done through Zoom.


Cantonese / English


Mr. David Yeh Junior, Chief Empowerment Officer, has been fully trained under the Tony Robbins Academy.

David is an experienced trainer and has been offering leadership and relationship coaching services and solution for years.  He is well-known to be an excellent emotional master in the training industry.




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Covid-19 is a trigger and it uncovers many possibilities.

This program will tell you there are plenty of business opportunities by giving you other angles to look into the core value of the pandemic.

We wish to see you in the program.

Please contact our team at 852-92381995 (Whatsapp)  or 852-22953868 (office) if you need any further information.

The Destiny Team