We Magnify Human Experience: THE GOAL ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM 2022

As the year comes to a close, goal setting is one of the ways you can get into the next year fully prepared.

Setting goals gives you a sense of direction and helps you prioritize what’s important.

Without goals, all the motivation and zeal for the next year would be pointless if you are not clear on what you are working towards.

However, after setting our goals, we need to executive them in the most productive way.

Destiny has designed a program of Goal Achievement to help you to master issues on time management and goal execution in your journey of personal development in 2022.

We hope that every person who wants to break through his current limitations will gradually become a leader of tomorrow.

The Goal Achievement program includes 2 modules:

  1. Time Management Mastery (10 hours)
    – Urgent/Important Matrix
    – Latest corporate time management model
    – Rapid planning method (most effective way on time management)
    – Talent development allocation
  2. Execution Mastery (10 hours)
    – 4 disciplines for effective execution
    – Measurement system with important and suitable lead measures
    – The importance of human psychology
    – Time management insights

Each module is a 10 hours program and each costs HK$200,000 (HK$20,000 per hour x 10 hours).

Now we are grateful to offer you a 50% discount!

That means you can enjoy a rate of HK$100,000 for each module!

But this is not all.  


1 Module (10 hours) – 50% off

Original price: HK$200,000

Discounted price: HK$100,000

You will save: HK$100,000

2 Modules (20 hours) – 55% off

Original price: HK$400,000

Discounted price: HK$180,000

You will save: HK$220,000 

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Seats are limited and on a first come first serve basis.

Please call us at 852-22953868 or send an email to info@drihk.com to get this big offer!

The Destiny Team