We can Help You to Make a SURE and ALL WIN 2023 – Super Discount Price!

The Leadership – Raising Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Resiliency Program

Program details: https://bit.ly/3DGYLyE or HERE

Original price: HK$ 60,000.-

The first 5 persons who enroll in the program will enjoy a 40% discounted rate:

HK$ 36,000.- (40% off)

You save HK$24,000.-

Other payment methods:

By bank cheque or bank transfer

Please make a cheque made payable to “DESTINY RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMITED” and make a deposit to HSBC account no. 848-688560-838 and send the deposit slip to hc@drihk.com or fax no. 852-2295-0998.

If you have any inquiry, please call to 852-2295-3618.