During the pandemic, a survey showed that more than 40% of all businesses had directly been affected either during or as a result of Covid restrictions.

The knock-on effect means that there is on average a 3% greater chance of business closure than before the pandemic.

For new businesses, this can hurt even more. According to recent studies, about 90% of all startups do not succeed, and five out of seven fail within the first 18 months.

If we want to start a successful business, we should know what these businesses did wrong.

In success, there is certainty — but in failure, every excuse will be possible.

Our new program, THE 7 BUSINESS MECHANICS OF BUSINESS SYSTEM, structures the 7 most important fundamentals and secret strategies that will give business owners the best chance for success.

The 7 fundamentals of business success are:

1. Know Where Our Business Really is and Create an Effective Business Map

As a result of keen competition in the market nowadays, the only genuine competitive advantage is not only having a business plan, but also a business map that can take us from where we are to where we want to be in the shortest amount of time. A business map tells us where we are and how far it takes us to our destinations.

2. Constant Strategic Innovation: Products, Services, and Delivery

We must be constantly looking for ways to create something more, new, or better than what currently exists. Consumers are used to expecting a continual evolution of improvement or they will lose royalty from us and walk away.

3. World-Class Marketing and Product Promises

The key to generating more leads that convert to sales from our world-class marketing efforts is finding the right balance between advertising and creating engaging content.

4. Sales Mastery System

Sales is the most crucial function of a business as it generates income for the whole company. It not only needs to do more than selling products or services but sales team also needs to sell the business at its essence – its identity. The sales team has to create multiple channels to capture, convert and close sales.

5. The Power of Financial and Legal Analysis

Being able to measure where our business is, where it’s going, and being able to see our blind spots that could get us into trouble are factors that all business owners must be aware of.

6. Optimization and Maximization

Some biggest growth opportunities come from repetitive and regular reflections. A small incremental improvement made in a few key areas can bring a geometric progression to the business as a whole.

7. Create Raving Fans and Culture

We have to understand, anticipate and consistently fulfill the deepest needs of our clients. The more value we are able to add to our customers, the more we will dominate the marketplace.

Program Structure:

  • 14 hours program
  • 7 sessions / 1 day 1 session / 2 hours per day
  • Individual / Group class
  • In-house / Zoom training
  • Tailor-made

Program Targets:

  • Business owners, senior managers, or C-level executives who are suffering from chaotic business practices and target a productive and lasting impact.
  • Any startup who wants to shape and develop a comprehensive and efficient business operating system in his company, and to secure the success of his business.
  • Any individual who wants to become a critical strategic thinker to ensure you deliver lasting value for your career, and your organization.

Program Coach:

Mr. David Yeh Junior. David received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Southern California and has had extensive experience as an entrepreneur, and in the financial world.  He is also qualified by the Strategic Intervention Advance Elite Coach Training and has had a wide range of exposure in handling complicated relationship issues.

He is also a Holder of the Distinguished Salesperson Award from the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) in 2021.  David has been working as a Sales and Coach for over 10 years.

David has a great connection with the top management of listed companies and serves many company CEOs and directors.  Our clients include:

  • Liberty
  • Floship
  • Apollo FMG
  • Hungry Bear
  • Samator Group
  • Whiskers N Paws
  • Heyokha Brothers
  • CASH Financial Services Group Limited
  • China-HongKong Photo Products Holdings Limited

David wrote the book MINDSET RESET (click HERE to download).   It is written with the purpose to help those who are stuck and feel helpless by using coaching-style questioning skills to improve their personal ability so as to achieve a fulfilling life.

Program Language:  

Cantonese with some simple English.

Program Fee:


Program Guarantee: 


A full refund within 21 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with our program.

Payment Methods

1. By Visa/Master Card

2. By bank cheque or bank transfer

Please make a cheque made payable to “DESTINY RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMITED” and send it to 8A, Shun Ho Tower, 24-30 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong OR please make a bank deposit to HSBC account no. 848-688560-838 and send the deposit slip to or fax no. 852-2295-0998.

*Please mark your name and contact no. at the back of the cheque or on the deposit slip for our processing.

Please call us at 852-22953868 or write to if you need any further information.