Today’s you are a series of your old choice in life,  including your relationship.  Make a right choice for you and the one you love.

How do you define the word “love”?

Oxford Dictionary stated that love is “to like somebody in the strongest way”.

Merriam-Webster said that love is a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”.

Stephen Covey, writer of the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, said “Love is a verb, it is an action.  You must do things for her, listen to her, be there for her…”.  Love is not only a noun but also a verb.

Since childhood, we have never been taught a class about a love relationship.  Most of us only grow from mistakes in our adulthood.  We inevitably suffer from countless helplessness, doubts, fears, and even loss of ourselves.  Following these can be tears, pains, regrets, bad or even tragic memories, no matter we are within or outside a relationship.

Can we shorten the road to a successful and happy love relation?  Is there any practical guidance that saves us from suffering from heartbreaking pain?  Would there be any secret for an everlasting relationship?  

The answer is YES!

David Yeh Junior, the speaker of the group class, has experienced both bitter and sweet relationships in his life.  From passing away of his late wife, several resultless love stories, to his new page of marriage life, David never stops pursuing a happy and meaningful relationship for himself.  He has cultivated himself into a dictionary of love and an encyclopedia of relationships.   He is a beacon light to those who are currently suffering from puzzles and ordeals in a relationship.

What David is going to share in the Relationship Mastery Group Class:

1)    The position of our current relationship status

2)    Masculinity and femininity understanding

3)    How to select and connect with the right partner

4)    Secrets to an everlasting relationship

What you will learn from this class:

  • Why relationship is the fuel of our human journey
  • Understanding of oneself  and your story on the relationship
  • Why men and women are so different
  • How to resolve conflicts and create sparks in a relationship (love languages)

The class is tailor-made to those who:

  • do not satisfy with their current relationship status
  • are stuck and do not know how to move on in a relationship
  • wish to learn how to find an ideal partner
  • wish to start, maintain, mend or end a relationship
  • wish to know what they really need in a relationship

Who speaks the class?

The class will be taught by David Yeh Junior who has been fully trained as Advanced Level Strategic Intervention Coach under the Peysha Institute.  David is an experienced trainer and has been offering leadership and relationship coaching services and solution for years.

Class language:


Class details:

Date:        March 26, 2019 (Tuesday)

Time:        12:00 noon to 2:00 pm

Venue:      Room 702, 7/F., Hung Kei Mansion, 5-8 Queen’s Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong (5 minutes walking from Exit C of the Central MTR Station)

Class fee:  HK$8,000 / person

How to enroll in the class:  

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Payment method: 

1)  By Visa / Master Card

2) By bank cheque or bank transfer

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Procedure of Application:

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