There is no gain without pain!

There is no gain without pain!

Both birth and rebirth will experience pains, losses, and hurts.

When we were born, it was our mothers who experienced tenth-level pain that brought us into this world.

When we need to be born again, the responsibility of experiencing pain falls on us.

The bright side of the moon: there will be a lot of gains after we experience a rebirth.

The dark side of the moon: there is no gain without pain.

The root of everything in the world is the symbiosis of suffering and happiness.

An uphill road is tough work, but it proves that we are upwardly successful.

A downhill road is comfortable, but it tells us that we are falling.

In 2020, we are all falling enough and have been fed up with it.

We should stop falling in the new year!

Destiny believes that we are all flaming phoenixes through the fire.

The flaming phoenix is a metaphor for an indomitable and tenacious spirit and a strong will to fight bravely, symbolizing that new hope is about to come.

If you feel the same, we are delighted to be your companion in your rebirth journey.

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The Destiny Team