How do our students feel with our training programs?

I was very lucky to have an internship at DRI!

DRI is a very supportive and optimistic environment to work in, with everyone being so approachable and friendly!

Especially, David would always spread his happiness and joy to those around him!

The internship not only helped me to broadening my knowledge towards the maintenance of social relationships, but also building rapports which helped me in real life along with my studies.

Most importantly, the experience taught me to be more optimistic, confident and build trust myself and others.

The internship overall was a very valuable experience to me.

I truly recommend you to apply for the internship!


Yion Chow @Internship 2020


Throughout my experience at DRI, I was so lucky to be working with a group of people who look up to each other and encourage everyone to have a great day and to strive for positivity.

David and his team were so open to all my questions as I was new to the field.

David was always reminding me that he was here to answer questions and to provide any insight during my time there.

The internship taught me all about communication and team work as well as helped broadening my knowledge in maintaining good relationships with everyone around me!

I’ve been able to use my experience at DRI throughout my college and job opportunities where it bolstered my confidence in maintaining strong relationships with my peers and colleagues.

The internship was a great and valuable experience as I’ve learned a lot about myself and others around me.

I truly recommend applying for this internship!


Chloe Kwan @ Internship 2014