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Is Meritocracy Better Than a Blood Relationship for Family Succession Planning?

Transitioning of family businesses from one generation to another is a common challenge.  However, as family businesses continue to blossom, many are recognizing the need for succession planning.  Often, when the lone-founder of the business leaves, many family businesses tend to crumble. Research has shown that many Chinese family businesses don’t last the past three […]

Be A Better Leader

  How can a Leader Give Positive Criticism to His Teammates?   The Most Efficient Tools to Motivate Your Employees   How to Hire the Right Candidate for Your Organization?   How to Ax an Underperformed Employee Effectively?   How to Empower Employees and to Unleash Their Potentials?   How to Uncover Our Blind Spots: […]

For a Better Relationship

  How to Handle and Manage a Love Relationship within the Same Workplace for Couple Leaders?   How to Reduce Conflict Among Couples During the Pandemic?   Why do Many Romantic Relationships Fail?   What’s More Important – Wealth or Relationships?   What’s Your Latest Yum-Cha Conversation?   Brain Structure Tells Why Men are that […]

Love Ourselves

  7 Tips for Balancing Our Work and Life in this Post Covid-19 Era   Solo Journey is a Choice – Single People Finding Happiness in Self-Discovery   Grow Like a Chick Cracks from Inner Eggshell: a Milestone of Self-Love and Awareness   Embracing Your Sanity that Comes in a Package   Your Mama ain’t […]

How Can A Leader Give Positive Criticism To His Teammates?

  Giving and receiving criticism is one of the most challenging activities in the workplace. Many don’t take criticism well and this can always lead to arising conflicts at the workplace. Giving criticism, therefore, is one of the most essential skills a leader needs to learn. By learning how to give criticism, a leader lets […]